WOOD (show all)
(VAT not incl.)
1.Wood moisture meter HIT-3 - standard version308.00 EUR
2.Wood moisture meter HIT-3 - incl. spare battery and plastic case344.00 EUR
3.Wood moisture meter HIT-5454.00 EUR
4.Wood moisture meter WRD-100346.00 EUR
5.Wood moisture meter XD-30184.00 EUR
6.Digital wood moisture meter WIP-22D365.00 EUR
7.Wood moisture meter HIT-1196.00 EUR
8.Remote system for drying chambers PPS-60 - PPS-60L version754.00 EUR
9.Remote system for drying chambers PPS-60 - transducer (ZP)569.00 EUR
10.Remote system for drying chambers PPS-60 - receiver (ZO)269.00 EUR
11.Transducers card KP704.00 EUR
12.Remote system for controlling drying chambers PPS-60 WT1193.00 EUR
13.Dual point wood moisture system K-2418.00 EUR
14.Wood moisture and temperature meter PWT-8FIT1071.00 EUR
BIOFUEL (show all)
(VAT not incl.)
15.Sawdust & hay moisture meter WTR-1N487.00 EUR
16.Sawdust moisture meter WTR-1E488.00 EUR
17.Fuel sawdust moisture meter WTR-2A470.00 EUR
18.Biofuel moisture meter BIO-1503.00 EUR
19.Moisture meter for pellets PEL-20335.00 EUR
20.Moisture meter for hay & straw WSI-5323.00 EUR
(VAT not incl.)
21.Universal moisture meter WIM-90393.00 EUR
22.Professional moisture meter HYGROPEN284.00 EUR
23.Moisture meter HGR-9159.00 EUR
24.Wood moisture meter MICRO+52.00 EUR
25.Dual-function moisture meter WIP-24370.00 EUR
26.Moisture meter for concrete WIP-23B345.00 EUR
AIR (show all)
(VAT not incl.)
27.Hygrometer WCPT-100E/C - WCTP-100E version320.00 EUR
28.Hygrometer WCPT-100E/C - WCPT-100C version396.00 EUR
29.Microprocessor multifunction thermo-hygrometer WCM-1 - without TP-1430.00 EUR
30.Microprocessor multifunction thermo-hygrometer WCM-1 - incl. TP-1540.00 EUR
31.Humidity and temperature meter PWT-8A - PWT-8A1 version360.00 EUR
32.Humidity and temperature meter PWT-8A - PWT-8A2 version435.00 EUR
33.Humidity and temperature controller PWT-11356.00 EUR
34.Humidity and temperature meter PWT-GIGA455.00 EUR
PAPER (show all)
(VAT not incl.)
35.Digital moisture meter for paper WIP-15A328.00 EUR
36.Moisture meter for waste paper WM-3300.00 EUR
37.Moisture meter for paper WCPT-100P414.00 EUR
(VAT not incl.)
38.Moisture meter for tobacco WWT-1347.00 EUR
39.Moisture meter for leather SKR-6330.00 EUR
ACCESSORIES (show all)
(VAT not incl.)
40.Veneer electrode EO-154.00 EUR
41.Hammer electrode EM-1 - WRD-100 & WIM-90 version91.00 EUR
42.Hammer electrode EM-1 - WRD-30, XD-30 & D-3 version102.00 EUR
43.Inertial electrode EB-1119.00 EUR
44.Needle electrode50.00 EUR
45.Data registration system URD610.00 EUR
46.Case for HIT-336.00 EUR

All our products come with 12 months guarantee.

Polish VAT is 23%.

Instruments of the PPS-60 familly, K-2, PWT-8D and URD must be individually ordered.

Waiting lists for different instruments:

  • individual orders - two weeks,
  • all other - one week.

The instruments can be collected in person or mailed from Tanel by insured mail or expedited mail (EMS).

Forms of payment:

  • payment in advance (bank transfer),
  • cash on delivery.

Postage & packing + customs fees are usually around 45.00 EUR per parcel.