Wood moisture meter HIT-5 Wood moisture meter HIT-5 is an electronic device for measuring moisture contents in wood. The design of the device enables using long needles and measurements of moisture contents of large pieces of wood. The electrodes are inserted into and taken out of the wood using a swingle. Therefore the needles are always perpendicular to the surface and do not get bend or broken. Whole device is made of chromium steel. Electronic circuit board is well protected with shock absorbent materials. Moisture meter HIT-5 can be used for measurements of moisture contents of 270 different wood types. It is equipped with wood type and temperature compensation circuits. Moisture meter HIT-5 is designed for wood industry, forestry and other industries utilizing wood.

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Price: 454.00 EUR + 23% VAT
Info flyer in Polish
Users manual

Technical data
Range 6 % - 60 % abs. moisture cont.
Resolution 0.1 %
Accuracy ±1 % (within range 6 - 15%)
±2 % (within range 16 - 28%)
approx. 10 % measured val. (within range 28 - 60%)
Wood temp. range -10°C - 60°C
Number of wood types 9 groups (12 common + 270 exotic types)
Display LCD
Electrodes ϕ 3.5x12 mm - (2 pcs. + 2 spare)
ϕ 3.5x30 mm - (2 pcs. + 2 spare)
Power 1 * 12V (battery 23A)
Battery life 5000 measurements
Low battery warning yes
Auto power off yes, after 5 min.
Size 450x110x60 mm
Weight approx. 1.5 kG

  • Moisture meter HIT-5 replaces a previous model HIT-4.
  • HIT-5 has an improved mechanical design making it even more robust and durable.
  • Moisture meter HIT-5 received the
    Gold Medal DREMA 2018 Gold Medal Award at the International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Woodworking and Furniture Industries, DREMA 2018, Poznań.