TANEL Laboratory Our research laboratory is the scientific and technical base of TANEL. Its operations can be divided into three main areas of interest:

  1. Calibration and control of moisture meters made by TANEL.
  2. Production of individual custom ordered special moisture meters.
  3. Research and development of new moisture meters or improvements of models already in production.

Measuring equipment

TANEL Laboratory The laboratory is equipped with the latest measuring devices:

  • high quality humidity generator DGW-2 (certified by the National Institute of Weights and Measures in Warsaw) that generates any given humidity in its measuring chamber,
  • precise certified scales type PS-210 for measurements of moisture contents in solids using the dry oven test,
  • dryers type WPE-30 with temperatures stabilisation,
  • special measurement station for determining the characteristics of adsorption and desorption of various hygroscopic materials; the station allows to control the following parameters:
    • air humidity,
    • air temperature,
    • ventilation speed (air flow),
  • electrical parameters measuring devices (oscilloscope, wavemeter, bridge/strain gauge, universal measuring devices),
  • special devices and grips (e.g. temperature probe 1.5 m long, loose solids grip that allows for probing up to 2 m deep into the heap, a thermo-hygrometer that allows for measurements of humidity and temperature inside loose solids heaps),
  • sets of certified template resistors for control of characteristics of resistance based moisture meters.

Special moisture meters

Examples of special moisture meters made by TANEL:

Sample calibration certificates


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