Hygrometer WCPT-100E/C Hygrometer WCPT-100E is used to measure air humidity and temperature. It is used in technologies requiring specific humidity and temperature and also in museums, air conditioned places, storage warehouses etc.

The device uses excellent Austrian humidity and temperature sensors.

To calibrate and test the Moisture meter the manufacturer uses high quality humidity generator DGW-2 certified by the National Institute of Weights and Measures in Warsaw. The device is widely used in industry and laboratories, it is extremely user friendly. It is supplied together with other standard equipment in a shock proof case.

The Moisture Meter WCPT-100C is equipped with two additional sensors:

  • TP-1 with a magnet grip to measure the temperature of surfaces,
  • TC-1 to measure the temperature of fluids.

WCPT-100 - WCTP-100E version320.00 EUR + 23% VAT
WCPT-100 - WCPT-100C version396.00 EUR + 23% VAT

Technical data
Humidity Temperature
Range 20 % - 95 % RH from -5°C to 60°C
Accuracy from ±2 % to ±3 % ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.1 % 0.1°C
Sensor type EE HC 200 (Austria) EE KF 6544 (Austria)
Display LCD 31/2 digits
Response time T90 several seconds (sensors without filter)
Power 1 * 9V (battery 6F22)
Battery life 5000 measurements
Low battery warning yes
165x80x33 mm
270x180x55 mm