Sawdust moisture meter WTR-1E Sawdust moisture meter WTR-1E is a state-of-the-art electronic device for measuring moisture contents in sawdust, scobs, wood shavings, slivers and other finely crumbled wood waste. It can also be used for measurements of moistrure contents of ready made pellets (after crushing) as well as approximate measurements of moisture contents of very wet sawdust. Moisture meter WTR-1E is widely used during the manufacturing process of briquettes and pellets. The device is equipped with temperature compensation and is delivered in an aesthetic black case.

The Moisture meter measures the resistance of a compressed sample of sawdust. The measurement is done in two stages:

  • first - the sample is compressed always to the same pressure of approx. 0.2 MPa,
  • second - the resistance of the sample is measured and converted into moisture contents.

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Price: 392.50 EUR + 23% VAT
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Technical data
   subrange 1
   subrange 2
8 % - 30 % rel. moisture cont.
30 % - 50 % rel. moisture cont.
Resolution 0.1 %
Temperature range -10°C - 60°C
Sample volume 120 cm3
Measuring pressure approx. 0.2 MPa
Display LCD
Power 1 * 12V (battery 23A)
Battery life 10'000 measurements
Low battery warning yes
Auto power off yes, after 5 min.
300x220x65 mm
340x280x85 mm
Weight approx. 1 kG

  • Moisture meter WTR-1E is one of the most popular biofuel moisture meters.