Needles There are several different types of needles available for different moisture meters:

  • for electrodes EM-1 and EB-1 and moisture meters HIT-1, HIT-3 and HIT-5
    • ϕ 3.5x12 mm (fig. 5)
    • needle mounts (fig. 6) with needles ϕ 2x6 mm (fig. 8)
    • for veneer (fig. 1)
  • for moisture meter HIT-5 and electrode EB-1
    • ϕ 3.5x30 mm (fig. 4)
  • for system PPS-60 and PWT-8FIT
    • ϕ 4x35 mm (fig. 2)
  • for moisture meter XD-30 and electrode EI
    • ϕ 2x6 mm (fig. 7)
  • for misture meters HYGROPEN, HGR-9
    • ϕ 2x8 mm (fig. 3)